Friday, June 09, 2006

Just Repeat This Again and Again...

Blur - Popscene

‘Popscene’ is the greatest indie pop single of all time – alriiiiggghtt? Well, that’s my opinion anyway, but I’m sure not everyone would agree with me. I first heard it when they played it live on The Word sometime in the autumn of 1991. The live version had none of the brass from the eventual single release, but plenty of Graham’s flanged guitar and killer riffs, along with Dave’s rocksteady metronomic drums and a trademark superbendy bassline from Alex. And then there was Damon, flinging himself all over shop shouting, “HEY HEY, come out tonight!!!” They were back and I thought they would take over the world and so did they. They didn’t. Not then anyway.

But the public are a weird and fickle bunch, and with much of Blur’s original fan base defecting to slap their arses with microphones along with Bert and Bernie, the thrilling fizzy pop of ‘Popscene’ limped into the charts at #32!!! I won’t bother you with what happened next as you can read all about the band’s eventual world domination on the internet somewhere.

However, it does seem that Blur have never really forgiven you lot for your indifference towards ‘Popscene’ as it was left off subsequent album ‘Modern Life is Rubbish’ and 'The Best of Blur’ compilation, released in 2000. Consider yourselves punished. As Graham said, “If you didn't fucking want it in the first place, you're not going to get it now.” So, I’m giving it to you, unless they object and make me take it down. Grab it while you can and blast it out. It’s a summer song really, maybe the Easter '92 release date was the problem. Who knows? I do know that Preston would eat Chantelle on live TV for a song this good. In fact, maybe The Ordinary Boys should cover it, and then we could finally see it roosting in the Top 10 where it belongs. ALRIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTT!!!!!!!

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dan said...

What were the b-sides? Any good?

Dezz said...

The b-sides were:

Mace, Badgeman Brown, I'm Fine, Garden Central

Mace is really nice, a very pleasant pop song. Badgeman Brown is bizarre, the management would play it to the band if they ever got too bigheaded lol. I'm Fine is a fine little song. Garden Central is an Americana-styled instrumental. The Beastie Boys preferred that to the A-side! for video pics.

Anonymous said...

Could you post the b-sides? Or least just 'I'm Fine' and 'Garden Central' as they're aren't available anywhere else. thanks

dezz said...

If you want to email me at I'll see if I can upload them for you.