Monday, January 23, 2006

The cops are at the front door

Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins - Rise Up With Fists!

My friend David didn't like the goat/devil image used in the Black Sabbath post, it unsettled him. It made him queasy and David doesn't scare easy I can tell you. Not good. So then, I'm hoping to make amends today by posting a truly beautiful piece of music that is bewitching and elegant with a picture of some pretty ladies and not Mephistopheles himself. This should banish David's dark dreams and if in the process it warms the hearts of a couple of readers then a job has been well done. 'Rise Up With Fists!' is by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Sisters and is taken from the album 'Rabbit Fur Coat'. I like this album a lot.

'Ere you on the RSS don't just download, have a read, MP3s don't just appear out of thin air, there are real people who make them you know. By the way who is currently winning the competition as to how many songs you can have on your 20TB hard-drive and when do you find the time to listen to them?

So then to begin. The MP3 blog faithful out there in 'Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-Land' know all about Rilo Kiley and the enchanting Jenny Lewis. You probably downloaded their last album 'More Adventurous' and are in fact one of their '54517 friends' on You love the heartfelt tales, the poetic melodies and indie charm, you love the nice haircuts and fashionable t-shirts. They look like you. Us? What's on your iPod? Rilo Kiley of course... of course. Elvis Costello himself says that Jenny's 'storytelling is remarkable'. Elvis Costello once appeared an episode of Frasier as a musician called Ben who plays in the Cafe Nervosa. What follows are real words half-inched from other websites that on quick glance could be passed off as my own.

Written almost entirely in Los Angeles during 2004, Rabbit Fur Coat harks back to the warmth and variety of the record collection Jenny shared with her mom whilst growing up. Classic without feeling nostalgic. Jenny Lewis's rationale for recording a solo album is typically self-effacing. "I had a couple of thousand dollars that I'd saved up from touring, and the stock market seems like a bust." Recorded with a back-up roster comprising co-producer/ guitarist M Ward and members of Bright Eyes, Maroon 5, The Decemberists and Postal Service, Rabbit Fur Coat is an immensely likeable album which uses the pristine harmonies of the Watson Twins to sweeten her sometimes bitter lyrical pills. The album straddles the fine line between experimental kitsch and cheesy nostalgia to create a sound that is both refreshing and almost eerily dated. And with lyrics like, “I was of poor folk / But my mother had a rabbit fur coat / And a girl of less character pushed her down the LA River,” you can’t help but love that a Los Angeles native can feign a country swagger so damn well.

By now you have probably downloaded 'Rise Up With Fists!' you've given it a listen, you've really enjoyed it, it opened your heart, you've tapped your fingers on your mousemat, you looked at your email "hmmm no emails", checked iChat/MSN "hmmm where is everyone?" so thought well I can either trawl round blog sites and see if I can get some more songs for freeeeeeeee or I can pop along to Amazon and buy the album. Quandary?!

Here are some links. Do what you will.

Buy - Rabbit Fur Coat Amazon UK
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