Thursday, September 22, 2005

Red, red and amber, green - amber, Danger!

I was driving through town yesterday listening to Cruisin' with Johnnie Walker on his Drive Time show (I listen to Radio 2 in the car, I am a free man) and a record came on that I'd never heard before which nearly made me crash. I was drumming on the steering wheel, singing along at full volume and not watching the traffic lights ahead. Appropriately enough the record in question was called 'Red Light Spells Danger', perfect synchronicity in a Vauxhall Cavalier or what?

Anyway I can't remember who said "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" but by jove he or she was right. The going was tough indeed, I slammed on the anchors, skidded on the cobblestones and nearly went into the back of a horse box. Did this ever happen to Steve Guttenberg? I don't know. What I do know is that 'Steve is the ultimate Hollywood star, not only great looking but also really funny'. Still there? Hello. So then, you should take this song, put it on your iPod or whatever, burn a CD for all I care. Buy Billy's Greatest Hits do you think? Probably not. How many GBs of songs can your computer hold, do you have enough time to listen to them all? Do you?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Billy Ocean with 'Red Light Spells Danger'. which is about traffic light sequences and not districts.

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