Tuesday, September 27, 2005

F**k All That Post Soviet Jazz...

The Last Wish of The Bride (J.U.F.)

When The Trickster Starts A-Poking (Bordello Kind of Guy)

Gogol Bordello is this cabaret gypsy punk New York band with roots in
The Ukraine and Russia. The gypsy element comes directly from the
band's frontman, Eugene Hutz, who left Western Ukraine after the
Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and lived in several nearby countries before
settling in NY in 1993. Shortly thereafter he teamed up with several
Russian musicians including Sergei Riabtsev, a former Moscow theater
director who gave the band their theatrical, bizarre stage presence.

Eugene Hutz, the DJ, is a NY fixture now thanks to his serious
handlebar moustache and his sweaty dancefests on Thursdays where
he plays Bulgarian and other Eastern Euro music. His frenetic energy
sees him running around the club, singing and dancing with belly
dancers. I've never seen the band live but pictures and reviews describe
a total Russian circus/cabaret freakout event. It goes without saying
that they're kinda pioneers of a unique style and that they use their
musical influences to carve out a new genre that defies nationality.

You get a good sense of Hutz's attitude and matter-of-fact humor in
this great Village Voice intervew where he totally
disses Steve Albini's treatment of his vocals on their new album.

You recorded your new record with Steve Albini. How was that?
Yeah, the guy fucking didn't do shit for me. The band sounded
phenomenal...I think he had some problem with the lead singer.

Also check out their sorta 1920's Soviet style self-
promotion posters--just beautiful. If you want to learn more, their site
is full of their history, pictures, and philosophy. I mean, most band
sites have this too but Gogol Bordello's is pretty exceptional--there's
just vast amounts of information and detail, far and beyond the
standard band site--it's really the world of Gogol Bordello.

And finally, be sure to check out Hutz opposite Elijah Wood in the Liev
Schreiber directed adaption of the book Everything is Illuminated.
He seems perfectly cast as the outspoken Ukrainian tour guide
who's literal take on english-language phrases is a highlight of the
book. Apparantly he just met with Liev to discuss using the band's
music in the film but somewhere along the line, Liev realized Hutz was
meant to play Alex and the rest is history and coming to a theater near

Buy - Their music

Visit - Gogol Bordello

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