Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ok, I'll Try Not To Spit...

Blondie - Cautious Lip (Live Soundcheck, San Francisco, 21.09.77)

I loved Blondie back in the day, by that I mean Blondie the band, although like almost every other adolecsent boy I had a bit of a first love thing going on with Debbie, although I'm pretty sure it wasn't reciprocated, me being about 10 and all that, but anyway, I still drag their albums out quite frequently and reminisce about lost love... or something like that.

I could have posted pretty much anything from the first 4 albums, there is seriously not a bad track amongst them, but I thought I'd go with this little curiosity.
It was recorded at the soundcheck for a show at The Old Waldorf in San Fransisco in 1977, and shows them blitzing through a song that would appear on their faultless Plastic Letters album the following year.
Which just happened to be the first Blondie album I bought... it took me bloody ages to save up for with my pocket money, well worth it though.

The sound levels are a bit squiggly, but I reckon it captures a band with a pretty full on live sound having a blast...
And I left in all the noodling at the begining of this track for no other reason other than I really like it...

But for those that don't like noodling here's the Plastic Letters version...

Blondie - Cautious Lip

Now I know that this Isn't the best Blondie song by a long way, It's not even anywhere near my favourite, but I have a real soft spot for it as it was probably the first track that I heard that really wigged out at the end in a garage psyche punk kind of way...
At the time I had no real idea that 60's garage psyche punk existed, let alone knew what it sounded like, bearing in mind I was a nipper and had been raised on a diet of Wombles albums and The Jungle Book soundtrack (I still love both by the way, especially The Jungle Book... brilliant) before moving on to some dodgy rock band called The Sex Pistols and the like (only joking, Bollocks was and still is a pretty stunning album) so this track kinda whetted my appetite for some more wigging out and set me off on a journey that I'm still on, and probably always will be.
So for that I'm eternally grateful.

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