Thursday, August 04, 2005

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The Fall - I'm into CB

Hands up who has just spent a very happy hour or two listening to Hex Enduction Hour?.... Just me? Oh well.

This was the fourth Fall album and a pivotal part of The Fall's history. Released in 1982 it's a spartan and consuming listen requiring your complete attention. "You at the back! What is the name of the Hotel in The Classical?" Can't remember eh?..."

SVC have rattled on about MES here on a few occasions and i'm sure we'll do the same again. For today however just the facts. 'I'm into C.B.' was originally the b-side to the 'Look, Know' (7") from April '82 but appeared in this form on the re-release of Hex (which re-release? the 1996, 1999 or 2002 version) from Castle last year or so. It's ace.

I pinched this next bit off of a website somewhere and it includes the word pabulum...
"Hex Enduction Hour is true art rock. There is blatant creativity throughout the album. Musically and lyrically intense it comes from the diary and sketchbook of Smith's experiences and discoveries. Critical success, a fan base that allowed him to create, Smith was hitting a creative stride that would rarely, if ever, slow down. There is absolutely no regard for viability. It is evolution and creation. Hex's position in punk/rock history is still a fresh battle cry against the stale pabulum that is spewed out by fake bands looking to be the next big thing "eating the past" and repackaging the same old for resale to an unknowing public. This album is a reprinting of a classic, under read novel. The lesson here is just as important today as when it was first brought to bear, be true to your vision, shun technology and Just Step S'ways from the traps of society and the track of perceived success and promised future of a "shining city on the hill".

So there you go. Use the links below to go to the extremely thorough Fall website and then pop along to Amazon and treat yourself to a copy if you haven't already got one.

Buy - The Fall - Hex Enduction Hour [Deluxe Edition]
Visit - The Fall
Visit - Retrocom CB Museum

A1 - Hotel Amnesia.
A2 - pab·u·lum 'A substance that gives nourishment; food.'

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