Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Poor Law Act 1601

The Workhouse - Aberdeen

D.I.Y. It means so much doesn't it? Such a tiny little acronym and yet there is infinite power lurking underneath. Go on, Do It Yourself. 'These weblogs are good aren't they', 'Fancy starting a band', 'I know let's put a record out'. It's so simplistic and brave. You like something, so then you do something. Like putting up shelves.

I've just put two shelves up to hold my ever increasing hoard of 7" singles. Now these shelves are hidden from view inside a cupboard but still I wanted them to actually work as shelves unlike the ones I put up last year that weren't hidden from view and fell down. For those ones I sanded down the width of the wood until it was a perfect fit into the alcove and then hammered them in, jamming them tightly against either side of the wall. This was around Christmas time by the way, come the Summer the walls expanded and the shelves fell down. You don't say?!?

Well you'll be pleased to hear that the new shelves have worked a treat and during the construction I unearthed some old 7's that I haven't listened to for a while, bonus. One of them being family favorites 'The Workhouse'. The name of this band actually gives me the willies a bit as a fair few years back I would spend most days at The Workhouse, not an Eighteenth Century 'house of correction' for the poor but a ropey old media place. This Workhouse however are the saviours of nu-gazing and this here song was part of a split 7" they shared with Inch Blue who are really rather good also. It was put out on the ace Bearos label, home also to 'Dreams of Tall Buildings' who are the best.

This is all you need to know at the moment, download the song and run. We know where you live.........

Buy - The Workhouse - End Of The Pier
Visit - The Workhouse
Visit - Bearos
Visit - Inch Blue

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