Thursday, July 07, 2005

Perhaps My Brains Are Old And Scrambled...

Eno - In Dark Trees

Eno - I'll Come Running

A little while ago we played the Desert Island Disc game. Mikey's choice was and remains Coltrane's "Ascension". There are, of course, a ton of albums left behind which I would have to re-imagine, using coconuts and stuff.

The first one I would have a crack at using my limited resources would be Eno's "Another Green World". Might as well. I'd be muttering "I'll come running to tie your shoe" anyway. But that's one of the songs, and love them as I do, it was always the instrumental miniatures that I found so damn perfect. Repetitive, precise, calm, recorded beautifully but without warmth, and in the case of "In Dark Trees", damn creepy.

I spent months trying to paint this little piece of music when I was at school. Trying to get at the feeling. I failed miserably. I didn't end up sectioned, so that's something to be grateful for. It's nice to know I'm not a danger to myself or to others.

At some point it passed into my dreams. It actually appeared. What's that Robert Johnson line? "Woke up this morning/Blues was walking like a man." Terrifying, but true. A presence.

Eno didn't write this piece of music. He allowed it through. It won't go back. Do you know what I mean?

Time to shut up and make tea.

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