Saturday, July 09, 2005

Flying Bands Day....

Sparrow - The Early Years

Sparrow is Jason Zumpano’s band, who just happened to be in the band Zumpano in the 90’s with Carl Newman from New Pornographers.
Jason was a drummer then but got way into piano and Sparrow has a lot of instrumental piano songs, a real turn from the strictly pop stuff he was doing before (they call their band "Salon Pop" which kinda makes sense).

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Fruit Bats - When You Love Somebody

I hear this Fruit Bats track every so often and I really love it, mostly for the very beginning which is a real turn from the kinda country-pop feel of the rest of the song.
Main bat Eric Johnson has done time in many notable bands including Califone (for whom he played banjo and guitar).
The best part is how "Fruit Bat" sounds like a cute bird that looks like an apple or something, but I was impressed with how it's pretty much a bat and it’s not often I look up real pictures of bats.

Doesn't even look much like Christian Bale either.

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