Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kickin' Up The Dust...

David Dondero - Ashes On The Highway
David Dondero - Transient

I've liked David Dondero for a while and my friend just sent me a cd of his and now I like him more. All I could ever find online was the track Pre-Invasion Jitters which is pretty good but I was waiting for his regular, non-protest songs to get a better sense of what he sounds like. Maybe it's not fair to assume someone's protest songs are going to be different from their regular fare but I wanted to wait and see.

Dondero is a wandering folky, singer songwriter type who sounds like he's lived and traveled and seen a lot. Like Two Gallants, he's from San Francisco and also sounds more country and dusty than one would expect from the sounds of this area. These traveling ballads have kinda strange lyrics about ghosts, and keyboards can be found on some songs.

David Dondero - Rosary

We love ghosts and keyboards!

Buy - David Dondero - Shooting At the Sun with a Water Gun
Visit - David Dondero @ Future Farmer

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