Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Feels Good To Feel Bad...

The Gothic Archies - City Of The Damned

The Gothic Archies - The Dead Only Quickly Decay

The Gothic Archies is one of Stephin Merritt's (The Magnetic Fields, The 6th's, Future Bible Heroes) gloomier, synth-fused side projects. I really love these songs, they are so sweetly dark, he's probably kind of spoofing his own style and the gothy genre in general here. But he knows enough about these genres and others to work within them while doing his own take on them.

The Gothic Archies - In A Cave

Gothsynthsurfguitar here works really well in this instrumental little song. It's interesting that Merritt recorded under The Gothic Archies, as opposed to any of his other bands for the songs in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Of course it seems totally appropriate that songs about evil Count Olaf in a weird and funny and dark kids story should be written by him, and by The Gothic Archies.

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