Friday, May 06, 2005

Too Young To Get Older....

Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Forget To Breathe

Once in a blue moon a track will come along that just completely stops me in my tracks leaving me speechless and teary eyed....
This is one of those songs...
No, scratch that... this is THE song.
Spine tingles, goosebumps, lumpy throat... by the 5:12 mark in the song I realised
I'd forgotten to breath and my heart just stopped.
This song is the reason I love music, it makes you feel, just when you think you can't feel anymore...

I first posted about Sweet Billy Pilgrim back in January (here) when I got their "Stars Spill Out Of Cups" ep and fell in love with them instantly.
SBP are a three piece consisting of Tim Elsenburg on vocals, guitar and electronics, Anthony Bishop playing bass, guitars and other singing, and Al Hamer on drums and percussion, but on this recording they drafted in Tim's friend John Cotton to do the string arrangements... and my god they are gorgeous.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim, not content with being one of my favourite bands around at the moment also have their own blog called Pilgrim's Progress, which is one of the best blogs out there...
No, scratch that... it's THE best.
On their blog Tim is currently writing about his exploits rehearsing for the upcoming tour playing guitar for Martin Grech, while posting music from such diverse artists as Killdozer and Vaughan Williams, and it's all incredibly well written too.
Sweet Billy Pilgrim, not content with being one of my favourite bands around at the moment, and having the best blog around at the moment also remix other peoples work, as beautifully demonstrated on David Sylvian's The Good Son vs. The Only Daughter (The Blemish Remixes) album, where they deconstructed and rebuilt "Heart Knows Better".

It has to be a criminal offence to be so talented....

And talking of criminal offences, this track will NOT, I repeat, NOT be featuring on the forthcoming SBP album (pencilled in for a September release), in fact it will not be featuring on anything at all, apart from SVC and at a later date the SBP site itself.

Anyway, I don't really have the words to describe how utterly beautiful this piece of music is, just listen for yourself....
I promise you wont regret it.

Visit - Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Visit - Pilgrim's Progress


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