Thursday, May 05, 2005

Be no taxi?!

Happy Mondays - Little Matchstick Owen's Rap

I didn't watch the football on Tuesday as Hustle was on at the same time. How good is Hustle? Proper job. Anyway Liverpool won a game of football somewhere so that must mean a tenuous link to todays track.

It's the B-side of 'Tart Tart' Happy Monday's second single (12": 1987 FAC 176) and I suppose it's the only Happy Mondays song that doesn't feature Shaun Ryder. (Has anyone heard the track he has done with Gorillaz by the way, any good?) Anyway someone called Mike Bleach 'raps' a loose collection of phrases culled from Ryder's lyrics over a minor reworking of the original backing track. It's kind of good/bad in a Gonzales way.

In our house ever since that time when Michael Owen did the bendy run past the goalie and scored at the World Cup we've always called him 'Little Matchstick'. Funny how things stick.

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