Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Eyes Have It...

Bullette - Little Bird
Bullette - Your Eyes Have It

The Mighty Mystical Beast beat me to the punch on this one, but I'm going ahead with a shorter version of the post anyway as this really deserves it, and besides, Dana didn't pick my favorite tracks....

This whole album is just incredibly listenable, I'm already at the point of obsession, I've only had it for a day or two and already know all the words and all the little parts of music that go to making up The Secrets, Possibly my favourite album of 2005 so far....
I'd like to introduce you to Little Bird...
Now you know me... a bit of a miserable bugger most of the time, but I swear this track never fails to raise a big smile, and the whistling towards the end is just wonderful.
And if that isn't enough (and surely it would be for any other mere mortal) it segues perfectly into Your Eyes Have It, a song for which the words coy yet jaunty were invented.

The whole album is a joy to listen to, and one of the things that really makes it for me is the lovely slightly rough edges.
Unlike your average singer/songwriter Monika Bullette is not afraid to show the frailties of her voice (I really mean that as a compliment), she could almost be the girl next door... (if you happened to live next door to a gorgeous lady who writes brilliant songs that is!), and the music is played with a certain looseness (and that's a compliment too) that makes this a warm and human listening experience.

You can download the whole album for yourself from her site, and you really should. Go on... treat yourself

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