Saturday, May 14, 2005

I Told You To Sit Down....

Earlimart - Susan's Husband's Gunshop

I don't ever go to the "merch" table at shows anymore. I go to too many shows and I'm not really a music collector per se. I just buy the essentials and some new music every now and then. But after Earlimart's amazing show last week, I had to visit their table cuz after they played this really cool song, they said it was available on their Fresno EP (hey hey Fresno). Anyway merch tables have come a long way. Earlimart had little Earlimart matchbooks for free! And really cool t-shirts that fit girls, not just big boxy people like the t-shirts from the days when I used to actually buy t-shirts! Also Okkervill River who opened for them had super cool t-shirts too. I woulda bought one of everything if I could've.
Live Earlimart had layers of swirly, feedbacky sound along with their trademark whispery vocals-made for a really intense, compelling performance.

Buy - Earlimart - The Avenues EP
Visit - Earlimart

Singapore Sling - Summer Garden

This is a sweet song about frolicking with someone (I think).
As we approach summer, songs like this are extra fun and the organs are cool. Just try not to think about that Stone Temple Pilots song cause it's way different but it's hard not to think of it cause it's kinda similar lyrically (but couldn't be more different musically and stylistically!)

Buy - The Curse of Singapore Sling
Visit - Singapore Sling

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