Monday, April 25, 2005

Screamixadelica.... Primal Scream Remixed.

Towards the end of last year I was approached to do a remix for a forthcoming project .... re-mixing Screamadelica by the mighty Primal Scream...
How could I not refuse, it just happens to be one of my favourite albums by one of my favourite bands, and knowing that the people behind this project were also partly responsible for The Clash's London Booted, The Prodigy's Always Outsiders, Never Outdone and The Chemical Brothers Flip The Switch remix projects, I jumped at the chance to be involved.

"There's no reason for this. How do you improve upon perfection? You don't. We don't pretend to think this comes close to the Scream's masterpiece, but then nothing else does.
So what Screamixadelica offers is a different spin, moving from chill through dub via glitch to drum & bass.
Not a million miles away from the eclecticism of the source.
And because it made sense there's a bonus track also."

Well, it's finally here, after months of hard work the whole caboodle can now be grabbed as a Bittorrent for you to peruse at your leisure and pleasure.

Seeing as the album is only available as a Bittorrent for the time being and I know a lot of you don't use it, and even if you do, it's a quite a large-ish file to be downloading willy nilly, so the wonderful Mr.Dunproofin' thought it would be a good idea to have a couple of MP3 downloads as a little taster... or teaser if you prefer... (I know I do!)

So sit back, have a cup of tea and a smoke and enjoy....

slip inside this house (soundhog mix featuring ex-rental)

Primal Scream took the original 13th Floor Elevators track and turned it into a dubby housey wonderous thing.
Here it's given a brand spanking new fresh lick of paint...
Soundhog gets the music and feel of the track absolutely spot on while Sean Ex-Rental adds his great washed out vocals.

shine like stars (empire state human mix)

I kept most of the original track for the first half and added some drums and a quite dirty keyboard... wanted to get an old style feel to it...
And for the second half I just got a bit carried away....
Builds nicely I think!
I like clatter, what can I say!

So now you've heard a couple of tracks you really should go and grab the album, there's a few links on the site for help with Bittorrent if you're not familiar with it.

And dont forget to donate something to Macmillan Cancer Relief or The Hoping Foundation....
It's the nice thing to do.

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So there we have it, don't forget, if you like what you hear then please donate something to the charities that are linked on the site.


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