Monday, April 25, 2005

Druzzi's Big Night Out....

Some friends and...erm... associates are having a big bash in the big smoke...

Date:- Saturday 30th April.
Address:- Night Moves, 145 Shoreditch High Street, Londinium, E1 6JE.
Time:- 9pm till about 5am.

The Bands:-
Campag Velocet
Park Attack
Bronze Age Fox

The DJ's:-
Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey
The Rapture DJ's
Dan Kahuna
Chris Duckenfield and Pipes present TONIC
Simian Mobile Disco
Idjut Boys
Gucci Soundsystem
Simon Russell
Druzzi's Residents

Should be a great night for sure.
And just as a taster here's a wonderful hour long mix from Ben Fat Trucker and Riton, collectively known as The Gucci Soundsystem.... Yum!

The Gucci Soundsystem - Gucci Mix 01.03.05

Visit - Druzzi's II
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Visit - The Rapture
Visit - Riton
Visit - Campag Velocet
Visit - Bronze Age Fox
Visit - Dan (FC) Kahuna @ Skint
Visit - Chris Duckenfield @ Turbo Records
Visit - Simian
Visit - Park Attack
Visit - Idjut Boys @ Glasgow Underground
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