Tuesday, March 01, 2005

World Domination Enterprises.... Getting Bigger By Sucking You Drier...

World Domination Enterprises - Message For You People

'bout time we had some guitars round here I think....
So how about some big slabs of squalling razor edged never seen a tuner in their life guitars courtesy of World Domination Enterprises....?
Oh yes indeed.
The first time I was aware of WDE was as part of a Shelter video compilation featuring Big Black and The Weddoes amongst many others, It was a brilliant video that I sadly lent out and never got back... (there was a lesson to be learned there... sadly I'm not much of a scholar, so it's happened several times since.... buggeration.)
Anyway, one of the many stand out tracks and videos was WDE doing the 7" version of Hotsy Girl... (my copy of which has also gone mysteriously missing over the years...Mmmm!)
Angular rabid guitars and a massively de-tuned bass all cut to scenes of them smashing up shop dummies... magic.
The story goes that Keith (singer and guitarist) never ever tuned his guitar and thought that if it's turned up loud enough no one will care... damn right, what a wonderful racket.
This first track is the opening song from 1988's brilliant Dub/Rap/Noise drenched album "Let's Play World Domination Enterprises", One of my favourite albums of the 80's, Sadly the album is unavailable anywhere and as far as I know has never had a re-release... best keep an eye on ebay or something.

World Domination Enterprises - Asbestos Lead Asbestos

Next up was another 7" I've lost somewhere along the way, so you'll have to do with the Let's Play... version, which Isn't such a bad thing anyway as It's a bloody killer of a track and the one that WDE are probably best known for, it also featured on the pretty damn good Rough Trade - Post Punk Vol.1 compilation a couple of years ago, which is well worth a purchase.
This track was also covered by Meat Beat Manifesto.

World Domination Enterprises - Can't Live Without My Radio

And to finish here's one of the three cover versions on the album.....
WDE take LL Cool J's Can't Live Without My Radio and add a snarl laced with razor blades and shattered glass to make this tune completely their own.
Wonderful stuff indeed.

I'm off to detune my guitar and annoy the neighbours...
I suggest you do the same.

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