Monday, March 14, 2005

I Like Young People...

Young People - Night Of The Hunter

What's this?!? A song named after the creepiest, noir-iest film with a
crooked preacher man whose knuckle tattoos saying 'LOVE' and 'HATE'. Ok, already you know you're off to a great start with Young People.
Take note: children in songs is generally hokey and trite but here, it's dialogue
from the film, so it's totally ok.

Young People - Ask The Dust

This lives up to the excellent John Fante book of the same name.
I became familiar with Young People when I saw them at this house party in San Francisco. It was mid-January and I was in someone's backyard, freezing my ass off, waiting for the long-awaited first show of my friend's new band DJ Shitbird & The Ultimate Party Machine. Before DJ Shitbird, Young People played and I was totally into it right away. They switched off instruments and I think at one point, Jeff was playing drums while playing guitar at the same time or something crazy like that. Sometimes Jeff and Jarrett's guitar playing is droney and they play off each other and watching their dynamic always draws me in. Katie does most of the drumming and it's a really neat drumming style... minimal, deliberate. Her distinctive singing style has hints of folk & maybe a little country but it's just its own thing which I love.

Young People - The Lord

Young People formed 4 years ago in LA, relocated to Brooklyn and
now, live in Brooklyn and LA. Jeff (Brown of Pink & Brown) recently left
the band and all the members do their own projects on the side
including teaching dance to kids (Katie). I'm sure they'll continue to
do great stuff in their new incarnation.

Buy - Young People - War Prayers
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