Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Give It some Puttnam....

I hereby declare today (inter)National Cud Day.....

Cud - Only (A Prawn In Whitby)

Carl Puttnam.... What a voice.
Cud.... What a band.
This track is taken from their debut long player "When In Rome, Kill Me" released in 1989 and not the single version (same year), there's not much in it, but I prefer this version.
Cud recorded four albums proper and there was also the great compilation of singles and anomalies... "Elvis Belt".
The last few days I've been listening to a lot of Cud due to the fact that Littlepants has been making a film for a certain band (more on this at a later date) that just reminded me of them, and they have the same sense of fun... I haven't heard them for years and am just wondering why the hell not, they were so bloody good, Carl's voice, all dramatic and chocolatey takes them to another level completely from most other indie tykes from this time.
Great stuff.

Cud - Now!
Cud - Hey Boots

And now for a couple of tracks from possibly my favourite Cud album "Leggy Mambo" (their second,1990), There's so many great songs on this album I had a problem picking one... so in the end just opted for track 1. and erm track 3.
They're not as edgy or noisy on this album, but I think the songs are better...
Maybe anyway.
After this album they recorded the "Asquarius" and "Showbiz" long players, to be honest Asquarius doesn't really do it for me, possibly a little too clean and polished, not sure, and I never bought Showbiz, so I guess I'm as guilty as anybody for the demise of the band due to me not buying the record... (feeling guilty now..!).
Interesting side note sort of thing.... shortly before they split William Potter (Cud's bass player) left the band and was replaced by Mick Dale who went on to bigger but not necessarily better things with Embrace.

You really should try and track down these first two albums, god knows where from, but you should at least try.

Along with their own strange brand of indie-pop they were also known to record the occasional cover version (well, loads of them actually).... and basically stamp all over them....
Here's a few for your listening pleasure.

Cud - Bohemian Rhapsody

I don't really know what to make of this... I love it, but it's just plain bizarre.
This is taken from the brilliant "Alvin Lives (In Leeds) anti Poll Tax fundraiser album, which features a whole host of bands doing cover versions....
Not really listened to this for years either, rest assured I'll be coming back to this album again soonish.

Cud - Lola

Following on from Mike's Kinks post here's the Cud boys romping through The Kinks standard.
This is taken from the aforementioned compilation "Elvis Belt"

Cud - You Sexy Thing (Peel Session)

And finally a track they recorded in a session for the late great John Peel....
Here they massacre the Hot Chocolate classic... but I love this too, they have an uncanny knack of totally destroying classic tunes and transforming them into Cud songs...

This band were lots of fun.

Where are you all now guys and what are you up to?

Buy - The Cud Band EP (not really much else available... I suggest talking to your local MP.
Visit - The Cud Band (fantastic fansite)
Visit - Space-CUDets (another great fansite with excellent discography)
Visit - William Potter (with a smashing year by year walk through from Cud's bass player)


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