Friday, March 11, 2005

Danger's On His Way, He's Just Running Late.....

Sukilove - Start A Life
Sukilove - Secrets

I have an apology to make, both to Sukilove and Parasol Records....
I was sent this album last year and imported it into iTunes as usual, but then never got round to listening to it..... Really sorry guys.
Lately the odd track has been cropping up on random... what's that, I thought, that's pretty good.... Oooo Sukilove, right I'll remember that.....
A couple of days later.... same again..... and again....
So here we are with one of my new favourite albums that isn't very new anymore.
These two tracks are taken from their second album "You Kill Me" which was recorded by John Morand, who has worked with the mighty Sparklehorse in the past... that'll be why I love the sound of the album then. Also "Start A Life" was released as a single last year.
I'm having a little problem trying to describe Sukilove, so I guess I'll just steal a little description from Parasol Records.... "Like Franz Ferdinand deciphering Radiohead's rock experimentalism".... that sounds pretty damn close to me I guess.

Sukilove hail from Belgium and had a pretty big first US tour all planned, great you think, will love to see them live you think.... erm, No!
There was a huge delay in the US government getting the correct paperwork and all that bureaucratic crap together so they had to cancel... The first gig would have been last night... guess the US will have to wait a little longer.
Let's hope they manage to get to the US at some stage, but more importantly get to the UK sometime soon.... I'd really love to see this band live.

If you visit their website you can stream the whole great album and also watch a few videos, the one for "Start A Life" is pretty smart, and features a fantastic pair of Brazilian under crackers!

Buy - Sukilove - You Kill Me from Parasol Records
Visit - Sukilove
Visit - Parasol Records

Remember a while back I wrote this post about the great Sweet Billy Pilgrim....
Well they now have an MP3 blog too....
I'm pretty excited about this to be honest, the writing is great and the first track is great.... what more could you possibly ask for.
So what are you waiting for, get yourselves over there..............
Pilgrim's Progress

(you still here?)


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