Tuesday, March 22, 2005

50,000 Watts Of Power.......

Is this thing on....?

Shellac - Radio Song

Anyone who has been reading this blog from the beginning or occasionally just dips their toe in every now and then will know how much I really like all things Albini....
Production, Writing, Bands, Performance, Comedy....
Steve Albini is the funniest man in rock.
Anyone who's seen any live shows will attest to this, his inbetween song banter and audience Q&A's are worth the price of admission alone, even if you don't like the music.

This track is part of a 50 minute special live Peel Session aptly titled "The End Of Radio" recorded at Maida Vale early last December, where Shellac dedicated the session and the rest of their careers to the late great John Peel.

This is the second shellac song I've posted here, the first being my favourite of theirs... Wingwalker, but this is a pretty bloody close second, I love the way that Todd (drums) just drifts in and out of time while Bob (bass) keeps the rhythm and Steve (noises) rambles in his own inimitable way over the top...
The wonderful thing about Shellac live is their ability to change song structures and content apparently at will... but still being as tight as fuck for the important parts.... hence the Shellac live experience will be different every time... and that's just the way it should be.

Anyway, just download the nearly nine wonderful minutes, then go and buy all their records, then go see them live.

Can you hear me now......?

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