Tuesday, February 01, 2005

And I have the mouth

Adam and the Ants - Ant Rap

Adam Ant was 'the' greatest 80's pop superstar. He had the best songs, the best videos, he wore brocaded hussar's jackets and warpaint.

Pt.1. - Stuart Goddard formed the punk band Adam and the Ants with guitarist Lester Square, bassist Andy Warren, and drummer Paul Flanagan in London in 1977 and released their independent debut, 'Dirk Wears White Sox' in 1979. (Ask Simon about this LP?) Around this time he also starred with the then unknown Toyah Wilcox in Derek Jarman's film Jubilee, probably the only decent celluloid product of the brief punk era. Sadly, 'Dirk Wears White Sox' wasn't a success, so Adam hired Malcolm McLaren/Dr Frankenstein to help make them famous. So McLaren dressed them as pirates and then stole all of the Ants thus creating Bow Wow Wow.

Pt.2. - Still dressed as a pirate Adam immediately formed a new version of the Ants, adding guitarist Marco Pirroni (another punk survivor - Sid Vicious used to be his drummer!), Gary Tibbs, and drummers Terry Lee Miall and Chris Merrick. That's 'Marco, Merrick, Terry Lee, Gary Tibbs and yours truly'. Driven by two sets of enormous drums and Adam's insatiable appetite for fame, the next album, 'Kings of the Wild Frontier' was massive but it was their follow up LP 'Prince Charming' that was to be their defining moment. 'Stand and Deliver' No.1, 'Price Charming' No.1 and 'Ant Rap' er No.3 and this was when the charts actually meant something... Oh and like it or not but Adam Ant made the first UK rap single to get in the charts.

This happened in the 80's

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