Friday, January 14, 2005

Will this time be different?

The Cryin' Shames - Please Stay

This record is a breathtaking cover of The Drifters' ballad "Please Stay" from 1966, which surprisingly only reached No.26 in the charts. Sadly it was destined to be Meek's final hit before the ill fated day, 3rd Feb '67 when he shot and killed his landlady and then turned the gun on himself.

There are many stories of how this record was recorded with Meek apparently 'extracting' a performance from Charlie by holding a gun to his head. Whether or not this is completely true we may never know.

The Cryin' Shames teetered on the edge of hitting the big time and were nearly managed by Brian Epstein but after one of them told Epstein to fuck off things didn't really get off the ground after that. Paul McCartney still owes George Robbo some money for some toast he paid for at the Jacaranda Club. The Cryin' Shames were the last group to play at the original Cavern Club in Liverpool, they jammed for about an hour before the police broke the door down.

Joey 'Kneen' is a good old Manx name.

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Visit - The Cryin' Shames
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