Sunday, January 16, 2005


Midnight Movies - Time Of Year

Nico fronting Stereolab.....
That's a dream surely...?

It was up until last year (in the US but this month in the UK) when Midnight Movies released their self titled debut album and fulfilled a little fantasy of mine.
Ingredients:- A big dollop of the aforementioned Stereolab (the Midnight Movies album is co-produced by Fulton Dingley who has also worked with Stereolab) and Nico, with a healthy pinch of Luna (who they are about to start a tour with... yay!) and then a splash of Loop or another of your favourite spacey drone rock combo's to taste.

Influences are ok as long as the groop in question don't just end up sounding like a poor version of the band(s) they're trying to emulate, this is not the case with Midnight Movies though, yes they wear their influences on their sleeve, that's a given, but they create something that is distinctively theirs, lovely gentle lilting melodies interspersed with the ocassional slab of rock blam to great effect!...
And all sung by the gorgeous Gena Olivier... bonus.

This fantastic track is one of their more rocking numbers and was originally taken from the hard to get hold of Strange Design single from 2003 but thankfuly can now be found on the new Mirage CD single released this month along with the album by those nice folk at Rykodisc.
Music geeks might notice a riff from The United States of America's "Coming Down" in there too.

Both singles and album are seriously worth spending your hard earned cash on, so go on and treat yourselves.

(many appologies to Midnight Movies for using the Nico and Stereolab comparisons... I'm sure they must be sick of hearing that by now)

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