Wednesday, December 01, 2004

On The First Day Of Christmas

Johnny Cash - Little Drummer Boy
Seasons Greetings to all Gods children! This is going to be a daily Christmas Advent Calender with Music. Wow!

Yes as Noddy 'Two pork chops, a throat and a top hat' Holder said, "It's Christmas" - But he said that all year. I once saw some footage of Slade from the mid seventies and they were playing 'Merry Christmas Everybody' to a field of Germans in the summer! If you ask me, the Germans really know how to have a good time. I think they invented Stollen. Have you tried it? I love Stollen. It's cheap in Lidl and Aldi and it's better than Marks & Sparks but Marks & Sparks make better Knitwear and leather belts. In fact my Mum bought a jumper from Lidl's the other day and it stank of petrol! She had to wash it loads. Also, there's never enough people on the tills and I reckon their veg ain't all that - It goes off.

So who's hiding behind door No.1 on the Advent Calender? It's Johnny Cash with "Little Drummer Boy". Everyone likes Johnny Cash, and if you don't think it's Christmas yet, he will convince you. I like the image of Johnny Cash, the Ox and Lamb playing to the baby Jesus. Gold, Frankincense and Cash. Pa rum pum pum pum...

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