Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Funky Ass Brother... Amen.

The Winstons - Amen, Brother
Forget about James Brown's Funky Drummer being the most sampled beat around... This wins hands down, if you haven't heard the break from it anytime in the last 20 years then quite frankly you must have died in 1984 (or be deaf...).
This is taken from 1969's Color Him Father 7" and features on the b-side...
It has one of the most shake your booty grooves going and if it doesn't get your booty shaking then quite frankly you died in 1984 (or are deaf...).

[Blatantly copied verbatim from All Music Dot Com]
The Winstons were a Washington, D.C.-based soul act led by Richard Spencer, they signed to Curtom in early 1968 and lasted there for one single, the rousing "Need a Replacement." They had a sound that was somewhat similar to the Impressions, but were unfortunate enough to have signed with Curtom before the label had national distribution, and the single never got the play it should have. A year after leaving Curtom, they hit for the Metromedia label with a huge single called "Color Him Father," which became a Top Ten R&B and pop hit, just missing number one on the R&B list, and also earned a Grammy for Best R&B Song. It was both a great tribute number and outstanding lead vocal from Richard Spencer, along with Ray Maritano, Quincy Mattison, Phil Tolotta, Sonny Peckrol, and G.C. Coleman. Mattison and Coleman were veterans of Otis Redding's band. The Winstons eventually toured as the backup band for the Impressions, but never again made any noise on the charts.

Huge thanks to Mr.CP for the heads up on the All Music bio.

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