Sunday, December 05, 2004

Britain's largest small band from 1996 to 2002

Hefner - The Sad Witch
I love hand-claps so much that I'll clap along to anything. If a song actually has recordings of hand-claps in them then even better. I clap along pretty much anywhere and at anytime except when i'm driving.

Here's a thing I learned from a human-beatboxing website. Place the tip of your tongue on your gum behind your upper teeth blocking off all air flow as if you were saying the letter N. Got that? good, now put the tip of your tongue in position so that you can breathe through the gaps each side of your tongue. As if you were saying the letter L. OK so far so good. Now block the air flow to your nose and breathe in a little so that the pressure builds behind your tongue then release your tongue a bit at the sides and let in some air as quick as possible. Now if you have mastered this as well as me the air should rush in making a pretty rubbish hand-clap sound. Now download this song, burn it on CD, play it in your car and clap along with your mouth. Ta-da.

I like this song a lot, it's from Hefner's first album, 'Breaking God's Heart' recorded at Ca-Va studios in Scotland with producer Tony Doogan (Belle and Sebastian, Super Furry Animals and new Bronze Age Fox LP.) 'Breaking God's Heart' is a collection of damn fine 'pop' songs held together by the glorious untutored mess that is Darren Hayman's voice, described as "bloody marvellous" (NME), "cool as fuck" (i-D), "unique" (Q) and "awe-inspiring" (Time Out). Hefner are no more now but Darren is up to his old tricks with new band 'The French' (their website has an mp3 of a track called The Wu-Tang Clan that you can download.) 'The French' also have a dog called Beulah as one of their members.

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