Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Poor Boy Long Ways From Home...

Sun Ra - Dancing In The Sun
Although Sun Ra's work can be seen as one vast petition to get the Black Star Liner refitted as a space craft to take his people home, it's real impact was always going to be with the dreamers back here on earth.
Gigging with the likes of the MC5 in the '60s helped to establish a creative and downright political coalition between wild white guitar and black free jazz that continues to this day, thanks to the likes of Uncle Thurston and everybody's favourite Monster Truck fan, Henry Rollins.

Still, you have to wonder how many of the rock kids latched onto the likes of Heliocentric Worlds, Volume 1.
The answer is, enough.
Marshall Allen and Pat Patrick made me buy a saxophone.
This was because they were a source of an echo I heard in the likes of The Pop Group and A R Kane, and I didn't fathom how important it was to me until I heard Sun Ra, Albert Ayler and John Coltrane.
Goodbye, Planet Pop.

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