Wednesday, November 10, 2004

(Latin) Salx, Salc-, fond of leaping, lustful.

Tokyo Windbag - Gak-Klot
UK Sweetheart's Subway Lung and Rotten Blud prepare for their most challenging role to date. A compelling true story co-starring Sisqo The Dragon, Lung and Blud play hard-nosed ex-Marines who take an unpaid teaching post to smart but underachieving kids in the Isle of Man. Blud draws on his background to educate the kids on topics ranging from martial arts to arcade games whilst all the time battling gang members and a strict headmaster who carriers a bat. When a French backed terrorist army attacks the school, it's up to Subway Lung and Rotten Blud to save the day. This single came out on Control Tower and has an individual spray painted sleeve.

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The Church of Gary Busey - Dominant Male EP
The track taken from this EP is called 'God' who has sadly seen His popularity dwindle over the last two-hundred years. In order to get back on His feet He meets the young singer David Sneddon and helps him to get a contract with a record company. While Sneddon has a breakthrough, God becomes more and more depressed. The truth be known I only bought this single because it has a photo of a penis on the sleeve. After a somewhat shakey start the record builds into quite a hypnotic little mover so all those with little or no patience skip on in a minute or so. What is the phrase that Gary Busey says in 'Point Break' to the handsome Kenny Reeves that makes me cringe?

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donAteller - Mmmm...
'donAteller' (Versace?) are Mark Leckey, Ed Laliq (Sid Vicious Is Dead), Bonnie Camplin and Enrico David. After being discharged from the local police force, Leckey (played by C. Thomas Howell) and his band travel back in time to face down their demons. Along the way, however, they pick up a demented hitchhiker who has diabolical plans for them. I once went to a show by Mark Leckey at the Tate Britain called 'Big Box Statue Action' where he serenaded and/or assaulted Jacob Epstein's sculpture, 'Jacob and the Angel' with a huge sound system. It made some people cry.

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The Lakemen - Midirock
I typed the words 'pogo gegen das boese' into Google as that's what it says on the sleeve and got this site Enduro which has a load of MP3's (inc. SVC favourites Zongamin and Rogers Sisters. Did I ever post 'Zig-Zag Wanderer'?) What does the phrase mean? Is it 'pogo against the bad'? could be. The 7" came with some free 3D glasses don't tell Robert Del Naja and the track itself is a thinly veiled disguise of salacious 80's hit 'Touch Me' by Page 3 stunna Samantha Fox. Anyway the Enduro version is far better encoded than mine (perhaps I need a new needle) so if you want to get a good version then go and pay them a visit.

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