Monday, October 25, 2004

New Kids On The Bloc

Frenz (sic) Ferdinand have truly special hair and a whole heap of influence and nous to boot so when they were sent a demo tape by young post-punkers Bloc Party it was only a matter of time until it got to all the right ears. Domino/Wichita/Moshi Moshi/Trash Aesthetic/Dim Mak to be exact. Two releases in 'She's Hearing Voices' and 'Banquet' and we're now at the giddy pre debut album stage where it all gets very exciting with fawning press, loads of fabulous gigs and thank the Lord songs to back up all the hyperbole.

For those that have not yet heard this Sonic Youth meets Joy Division meets Gang of Four Bloc Party stew and are perhaps a little apprehensive about the 'next big thing' tag, may I suggest you download these tracks and get your big asses up on the bandwagon. I did, it was a mind-scramble (Thanks Weird Science).

New single 'Helicopter' came out yesterday on Wichita and the CD contains the now infamous Minotaur Shock (SVC great mate) version which has been going on eBay for 35 quid. Only 100 copies originally pressed. Madness! If you just want the remix then click over to War Child, pay a quid and download the mp3 all from the comfort of your own home. It's an agoraphobics paradise this internet lark... For those that still have the use of their legs then pop along to Woolies and get the 'real thing'. Who said Top 20?

Bloc Party - She's Hearing Voices
From the 'Bloc Party' EP. June 2004 (Wichita) 21.07.04 (V2 Japan) 14.09.04 (Dim Mak)

Bloc Party - Banquet
From the 'Banquet' single. Moshi Moshi 03.05.04 ltd to 500 7"

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