Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I Travel

Simple Minds - I Travel (Original 12" Version)

A while back Rowche posted a track by Simple Minds (formerly known as "Johnny And The Self Abusers") and didn't even warn me....

But as it turned out it was actually a pretty good track.

Anyway, in the comments of that post the wonderful Mr. Dunproofin' mentioned "I Travel" which brought back loads of memories of going to this shitty club and the only vaguely decent music played every night was a segment featuring The Cure, The Cult and this track by Simple Minds.

Looking back on it now we were pretty much starved for somewhere good to go and listen to good music, so when they did play anything remotely Indie we used to go nuts (obviously with the aid of loads of booze and other stuff!), I Travel always sounded great at high volume.

And I have to admit it still sounds pretty bloody good now, hard to believe this track is now 25 years old... Blimey!

I travel was first released on 12" in 1979 by Virgin records and the following year appeared as a shortened version on their Empires and Dance Album.

Simple Minds - I Travel (Utah Saints Mix)

Jump forward 13 years to 1992 and the U U U Utah Saints record a version of the Simple Minds track "New Gold Dream" on their excellent self titled debut album Utah Saints.

Now jump forward a further 6 years to 1998 and Simple Minds ask Utah Saints to remix I Travel.... which they do really well, It then gets released on the limited European CD single of War Babies.

This is a pretty good remix, but I still think the original version is boss.

Visit - Simple Minds

Visit - Utah Saints

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