Thursday, September 30, 2004

And Texas Is The Reason...

Bedhead - The Rest Of The Day
I have a feeling that fans of Low or Galaxie 500 who haven't already heard of Bedhead are going to love this as much as I do.
The wonderful Texas band Bedhead were with us for 6 short years and sadly split in 1998, but not before leaving us with a few great albums and singles... Beheaded being my favourite, which this song is taken from.
I just love everything about this tune... from the understated vocals to the glorious building climax that just when you think is going to explode just starts over again...
Excellent stuff.
The brothers Matt and Bubba Kadane who shared singing and guitaring duties in Bedhead went on to form The New Year following the split, and are still recording great songs.
As you can hear here...

The New Year - Disease
This is taken from the Steve Albini engineered The End Is Near album released in May of this year...
And bloody good it is too,go buy it!

Visit - Bedhead
Visit - The New Year and download some of their songs.

Lift To Experience - Just As Was Told
Another Texas band, Lift To Experience have so far only unleashed one album on the world so far...
but what an album... It was mixed by Simon Raymonde and Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins fame and released as a double album in 2001.
Quote "It's a concept album about the end of the world where Texas is the promised land"...
and it's called The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, and I can highly recommend it.
This is the opening track on the first disc (Texas), and sets the scene and story for the rest of the album.
As concept albums go (and usually they do indeed go... straight in the bin!) It's possibly the greatest I've ever heard... but if I was you I'd ignore the concept description and just treat it as a great double album.

Visit - Lift To Experience

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