Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Who killed Bambi?

Prinz Bambi - Goodbye Darling

Steve Claydon; founding member of the band Add N to (X), invented the term 'avant-hard', involved with Relaxed Muscle, Jack to Jack and this little slice of noisy pop, Prinz Bambi. 'Goodbye Darling' is a cover of an Alan Vega (Suicide) track from his solo Saturn Strip LP (Elektra. 1983. produced by Ric Ocasek) and we have all the requisite parts in abundance. Scuzzy synths - check. Distorted bass - check. Glam Rock beat - check, Rollers vocals - check. It appeared on a Northern Electronic compilation LP that came out a couple of years ago which had all the usual Sheffield reprobates on, Truckers, Honer, Parrot, All Seeing I Monsters, Long Arms fellow. It's very good. The end.

Steve Claydon's 'Question Mark' here

White Trash - V.V.I.P

Was going to post another track from the Northern Electric compilation but it didn't have enough swearing on it. Ah ha you say, you must mean the stripped down and dirty White Trash who after their spectacular breakup/down in Iceland last year rebuilt around the fantastically, foul-mouthed Alicia Bostock. So here is the b-side to the limited 12" Showbiz (First put out M.I.A's Galang) release which has plenty of swear words for those of us who still think it 'is' big and clever.

Visit - Showbiz Recordings

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