Tuesday, August 17, 2004

My Bloody Ganja...

My Bloody Valentine - Map Ref.41N 93W

The lovely Chromewaves Mp3's for the week are a couple of excellent covers of My Bloody Valentine songs...

which set me off............

So after listening to a heap of MBV I thought I'd post this, It's a cover of one of my favourite Wire songs and was originally released on the 1996 Wire tribute album Whore:Various Artists Play Wire, the albums not generally available now though sadly, although I think it was re-released a few years later... but I don't think this track has turned up on anything else.

This version contains all that make MBV great (apart from perhaps the massive massive guitars) and add to that the wonderful pop sensibilities of the Wire track and you get this lovely bit of slanted pop.

Visit - My Bloody Valentine

Visit - Wire

Silokk - Weened Off The Weed

I know nothing of Silokk, I can't find any links to a website or anything...

so if anyone has any info they fancy passing on I'd be grateful.

But what I do know is that this is one of my favourite mash-ups, It features the wonderful Ween track Push Th' Little Daisies which can be found on the Pure Guava Album, and the excellent Super Sharp Shooter E.P. by DJ Hype's Ganja Kru...

It's mad but it works beautifully.

Visit - Ween

Visit - The Ganja Kru

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