Thursday, August 05, 2004

Best Band Around At The Moment...

The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart

The Go! Team - Huddle Formation

This is a band I've been listening to quite a bit lately,

they've been described as the missing link between Sonic Youth and The Jackson 5, can't see too much sonic youth in there to be honest...(bits though)

more of a love for groovy seventies T.V. tunes and all things jolly, all done in a lovely Lo-Fi gritty way.

Q magazine described them as sounding like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's doing the Double Dutch.... which I think is pretty close.

The first track is taken from The Junior Kickstart Ep released last year on Memphis Industries (it's also going to be on the album>>>),

and the second from the forthcoming Thunder Lightning Strike Lp, also on Memphis Industries. (released September 6th)(go and pre-order please... you won't be disappointed)

Visit - The Go! Team @ Memphis Industries

Special thanks to Peter W. for introducing me to them....

And to Sean for pointing out a huge incredulous error....



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