Sunday, July 25, 2004

Little Two Faced Rooster...

Well seeing as I've just lost my job (what a bastard of a month I've had) I might be posting quite a lot more, there again I might get another job soon... see how it goes eh!



Whitey - Twoface

This is a truly wonderful bit of Electro (well sort of...) Rock, released on the "Leave Them All Behind" E.P. last year on ppq Records, it's a bit difficult to get your mits on now, but thankfully Regal re-released it last week, and the lovely people at Rough Trade have it in stock,

or you could get it from Amazon too.

Every time I come back and listen to this I can't help wishing I had written this and was playing it live at full volume...

(time to get a band together again pangs!) It's just that kind of song I guess...

simple driving drumbeat with hammered fuzz guitar.

I also used this track with that bloody Milkshake song and made Twofaced Milkshake (see what I did there?) that can be found Here

Sorry Whitey.

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Little Red Rooster

Mmm... Lovely tremelo feedback guitar, I'm a sucker for it.

This is a filthy dirty version of the Willie Dixon song (although more people would probably know it from The Rolling Stones) that first appeared on the N.M.E. cover versions L.P. "Ruby Trax" from 1992.(pretty difficult to get hold of now I think)

but luckily it can be found on the Sound of Speed compilation released the following year.

Turn It Up.

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