Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Enon - Rubber Car

To be honest up until a couple of months ago I'd never heard of Enon until I saw them at All Tomorrows Parties.... Where they were excellent.

Since then I've bought the albums and really enjoyed them...

For me their best LP is Belivio which Rubber Car is taken from,

its still got the great guitar tunes on it but they also started adding more electronica....and do it very well.

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Voodoo Queens - Hairy

Now this has got to be contender for one of the most filthy, dirty, gloriously messed up bits of Rock and Roll ever submitted to vinyl... Fantastic!

It's the b-side of the Eat The Germs 7" ( Voodoo 1) released in 1995 with a lovely hand stamped and drawn sleeve.

Sadly the Voodoo Queens aren't with us anymore.... Shame.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear the Voodoo Queens 'Hairy' track, what a wonderful slice of noisy pop. The sleeve is a delight also with hand-painted spiders all over it. Think it might be painted with nail varnish!

Nice one 'Spoilt Victorian Child' looking forward to you unearthing some more great music.


darkness said...

Enon are pretty nice.

It's only been two days, but you're doing a good job. And you picked a good name for the site.

The latest Fall lp just came out in America, and I haven't had a chance to pick a copy up yet. Is it any good?

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Cheers Darkness,
I presume thats Country on the Click....
I was a bit dubious about buying it at first (how many Fall albums do you really need)
but a mate talked me into it...
And as it turned out its one of the best Fall albums, certainly in the last 15 years or so.
strongly suggest you give it a go.
Hope you like it.

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Cheers Rowche,
Lovely sleeve...
i guess this was responsible for the great nail varnish shortage of 1995.
Sadly Mary Quant never recovered....