Thursday, June 24, 2004

Drunk but soulful....

Sly And The Family Stone - Honest

This is a wonderful bit of soul.... Sly is possibly best known for his Funk/Rock style, but also did the occasional stripped down soul song.

As far as I know this didn't make it to an official album release but appeared on a couple of compilations (correct me if I'm wrong), Backtracks being one of them.

The only problem I find with this track is that its too short.... fades out just as it starts to get going.

It's a great track though.

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Drunk Horse - Dirty Mind

Drunk Horse emanate from Oakland California and are purveyors of a trashy brand of sleazy rock.

This is a cover of the classic old Prince song, although it kind of has the feel of an early eighties poodle hair rock song, it just has enough roughness to make it sound great and can be found on the b-side of their Bambi 7". (lovely purple vinyl)

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No Frontin' said...

Enon and Sly and the Family Stone, great start.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon! Love the Blog thingy. :) I always wondered where the Sly song was from. I hadn't heard it before, and it is a great song. I agree though, too short.
Hope you are well! x. -emily

Anonymous said...

more goth nonsense please ;)