Monday, August 03, 2015

Videa Gam...

Videa Gam - Get to Know Me

Once in a while I do a bit of mastering for artists, mostly just to help friends or acquaintances out as it's something I love doing. Anyway in January I was sent a couple of tracks to master by a chap who runs LXXII, a wonderful new record label. (already a favourite label by The Quietus, Louder Than War and Dandelion Radio)
The tracks in question were for the debut release by the label, and was from Videa Gam (David Shane Smith from the USofA)... and I was blown away by the beautiful sounds I was hearing.

'Get to Know Me' is one of those mysterious tracks you swear you've heard before, but obviously haven't, but you can't really put your finger on what's making you feel that way, it just sounds like an old friend.

The single sadly didn't set the world on fire in the blogging or review world, but it did get a very good review on the aforementioned Louder Than War, "Videa Gam generates sound collages that offer far more than the collisions of interesting but ultimately doomed noises the term often denotes: the collage in his hands is home to an intoxicating and woozy framework of melody."
And I couldn't agree more.

A month or two back I received two very long tracks that were going to become the follow up release, I can't post them here as it's still unsure if they will be getting released or not, which is a massive shame as they are both, quite frankly, the best examples of electronic music I've heard in years. They're just staggering. And I'm not over exaggerating.
Hopefully they will see the light of day at some stage, either on LXXII or another label. They really do deserve to be heard by as many people as possible.
If not I may be forced to do a follow up post.

But in the meantime, listen to Get to Know Me, then head on over to iTunes or your favourite digital vendor and buy it... and while you're there check out the other releases on LXXII. You won't be disappointed.

Buy - Videa Gam - Get to Know Me (iTunes)
Visit - Videa Gam on Soundcloud
Visit - Videa Gam at LXXII (with an interview)
Visit - LXXII


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