Thursday, June 21, 2007


Primal Scream - Shoot Speed Kill Light

Bernard Sumner + Primal Scream (with Kevin Shields) = Zombie Wedding!

Erm well not really... I'm making a couple of CDs to play at Simon and Liz's wedding knees-up on Sat and I stumbled upon this old chestnut. It's been ages since I listened to XTRMNTR but by crikey this song, this song, what a steamroller!

When Bernard's guitar slices through the end with Shieldsy's racket clattering away it's enough to make a institutionalised old lag such as I to get the invisible drumsticks out. I loves it Brynn.

So I was going to give you the tale about being ever so slightly inebriated on a bus in Kentish Town listening to the album when it had just come out and how as a great finale Shoot Speed Kill Light nearly burst my eardrums and made me jump out of my socks but another time, another place perhaps. For now I need to dig out me suit, polish off a very dusty pair of shoes that live under the bed and prepare myself for the impending bumpy flight to Manxland.

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