Thursday, March 29, 2007


Plus-Tech Squeeze Box - Early Riser

Every once in a while my good mate Rowche (remember him?) goes through his 7" collection and sorts me out with some cracking tunes, he's come up trumps yet again.
The very first track I got to was this manic fun bit of twisted electronic trash punk pop...
I've not got past this song yet, it's stuck on repeat... think I'm starting to lose the plot now, it's been an hour or so.... somebody help!!!!
On second thoughts don't I'm loving it...
God this is so bloody good.

I have absolutely no idea who they are apart from they come from Japan and have been going since 1997, and their biggest claim to fame is that they had a song featured on the Spongebob Squarepants soundtrack, and that this track was used in a Coke advert a few years ago which somehow passed me by completely.

I'm not sure if the 7" is still available or not, but it turns out that this track is available on their debut album 'Fakevox' from 2000.
I've just ordered my copy, if it's all like this then I'll no doubt be posting something else from it at some stage.

Don't you just love getting stuff in the post and discovering something wonderful?

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