Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hello, You're My Very Special One...

The Velvet Underground - After Hours (Closet Mix)

One of the most beautiful songs ever written, sung by one of the sweetest voices on the planet!!!
Moe has always been a bit of an Idol for me, a strange choice maybe as I'm not a drummer, a singer or a woman...
I think it has something to do with being the coolest person in one of the coolest bands of all time, far cooler that bloody Lou Reed bloke.
And boy can she play the drums, maybe not exactly what you'd call a technical drummer, but when you look that great and play with that much passion then little technicalities like not doing triple hi-hat thingies or the double bass drum oblivion thing go right out the window... and quite rightly so.
Nobody in the history of drumming has ever looked better.
And did I mention she has one of the sweetest voices of all time...?

(Sorry, Simon has played this bloody song four times now and is about to start weeping, and I'd just like to get my tea made. He says he's stuck and can't think of anything to say, but he's just told me that it's a very beautiful song that sometimes makes you really really smile, but also makes you quite sad. And that's it, really. I think he'd do a bit better if he didn't drink so much. - Liz x.)

Sadly this song was written by Lou Reed and not Moe, which is a bit odd, considering the lovely lyrics read like an entry from a 14-year old girl's diary. Erm, Lou..

The Velvet Underground - I'm Sticking With You

This is another stunning Moe moment. Again, it has the diary like "do you like me - tick yes or no" quality to it, but you know, not quite so much about being very sad and very alone. Personally, it's the kind of song that Moe deserves to have sung about her, but we can pretend.

Moe Tucker - Last Night (Live @ Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Feb.15, 2002)

This song is a true heart wrencher.
Moe wrote this about her close friend Sterling Morrison (the second coolest person in the The Velvet Underground), regarding the last time she saw him.
Very sadly Sterling passed away in 1995 after suffering from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Moe, since the demise of The Velvet Underground, has had a very successful career, releasing several albums with help from a whole load of people, including every member of The Velvet Underground, Daniel Johnston, Don Fleming, Jad Fair, Sonic Youth amongst many many others.

You should track down her albums, they have a wonderful mix of the subtle beautifully sung tracks akin to those above right next to what can only be described as freeform noise-outs and ragged lo-fi punk.

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