Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Am Just Your Broken Heart, I Am Just Your Daydream Scars...

Comet Gain - Daydream Scars

Comet Gain - Transmission Lost

Back to some good old fashioned Indie...

Comet Gain have been around since 1993, they formed , they split up,the list of members past and present is basically a who's who of the british indie garage pop rock scene.
But since main man David Feck put an all new Comet Gain together after the split in 1997 they have really just taken off and gelled in a way that most other garagey psychedelicishly lo-fi bands would kill for...

The first track here 'Daydream Scars' is from 2005's City Fallen Leaves album (their most recent), it's brash, in your face, biting, lively and noisy. And the rest of the album's just as good.

The second track 'Transmission Lost' is my favourite ever track of theirs, and is taken from their 1999 album Tigertown Pictures.
There's just something wonderfully restrained and lilting about this track.

If you have a soft spot for songs played and sung with passion then you really should get yourself City Fallen Leaves or Tigertown Pictures, or why not really treat yourself and get them both...

Comet Gain are a band who should be selling more albums...
Full stop.

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Buy - Comet Gain - Tigertown Pictures
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