Monday, September 04, 2006

Free EP By SBP From SVC....

Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Brugada

Long time SVC favourites Sweet Billy Pilgrim have just released a wonderful EP on SVC Records...
Great news I hear you say... But that's not the end of the great news, oh no!
Those lovely Sweet Billy Pilgrim folks and us have decided to give something back to the people who have supported and loved the band over the last couple of years...
So the EP will be given away absolutely FREE to each and all.

I'll let Sweet Billy Pilgrim's very own Tim Elsenburg fill you in with a bit of info about the tracks....

"We got together with SVC to release the Brugada EP which comprises two
songs not available on the album, plus a hypnotic remix of album track
'Experience' by our immensely talented friend David Picking, AKA Rhinoceros."

"Brugada and Meantime were amongst the first things we did as SBP, and
really only didn't make it onto the album because they were too different
thematically, so we've decided to make them available, and do it for free as a
sort-of humble thank you to those who've kept an eye on us to make sure our
shoelaces weren't undone..."

A Brief History
Somewhere between the earthy and the ethereal, Sweet Billy Pilgrim scrape strings and tap away at laptops trying to make beautiful things.
The debut single 'Experience' was quickly distributed amongst the devoted and has now sold out. Their second release, the 'Stars Spill Out of Cups EP' has done much the same.
They've also turned careful hands to remixing, most notably to David Sylvian's 'The Heart Knows Better' for his recent 'The Good Son vs. the Only Daughter - The Blemish Remixes' project.
And then followed the stunning debut album 'We Just Did What Happened And No One Came...' which has recently recieved a glowing 4/5 review in MOJO...
And keep your eyes peeled for a track from the album on the cover mounted CD in next months copy.

I love this band.

Visit - Sweet Billy Pilgrim @ SVC Records, and grab the other tracks and artwork
Visit - Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Visit - Sweet Billy Pilgrim @ Myspace.
Visit - Rhinoceros @ Myspace
Visit - SVC Records @ Myspace


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