Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sharp Knives?

PHVKKAGE - Shadow Master 2004
PHVKKAGE - Electronic Sausages

"We set up and played. I had a bright yellow rain poncho on and my friend wore a ninja mask... At some point, one of us accidentally tripped over the power supply to the computer, which made the audience laugh hysterically... After some more tunes, we stopped for about five minutes to hand out "gifts from PHVKKAGE" which included a broken turntable mixer, CD-R copies of various records, The Killer Instict soundtrack and an unsigned birthday card."

I know very little about PHVKKAGE. I'd like to know more. Anyone?

1:30 onwards in 'Electronic Sausages' is more than likely the sound your parents heard when you were conceived, non?

Visit - PHVKKAGE MySpace
Visit - PHVKKAGE Official site
(Both sites have more tracks...)

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