Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What Martin Did Next

MissOddKidd - Weed, Wine and Wankers

Back in 1990 when I was flailing around in my bedroom like a feyer version of Kevin the Teenager, listening to the Boo Radleys’ ‘Kaleidoscope’ and wondering what the fuck Sice was singing under the cacophonous walls of guitars, I would have laughed in your face if you’d told me that, 16 years later, Martin Carr would be dropping beats for an MC.

But here we are, it’s the year 2006 and one Martin Carr aka bravecaptain is credited as producer on this sassy slice of pop rap from the London MC MissOddKidd. OK, so it’s not that much of a surprise, as anyone who has followed his career post-Boo will attest, the ‘captain’s been evolving and developing his styles for eons, and this is part of the natural progression. It is worth mentioning though, that very few artists are capable of this sort of growth without it feeling contrived and the music being a load of flabby old balls.

So, anyway, the tune, the tune… ‘Weed, Wine and Wankers’ presents MissOddKidd (a member of Akira the Don's vast crew) as the female answer to The Streets. OK, so I know this comparison is simplistic, and it gets put on practically every UK female MC out there, but in her case it’s pretty apt. OddKid’s flow is funny and honest and, like Mike Skinner, she chats about things that everyone can relate to (in this case, scoring weed off blokes you don’t want to know, getting stoned and pissed, and then shagging blokes you shouldn’t ‘cause you’re stoned and pissed, repeat until you settle down) and the chorus is hooky and it’s shit hard to shift the melody from your head. bravecaptain’s production is perfectly understated, with skippy electro beats, cheeky bongos and plenty of squelchy noises to keep things interesting.

This track is another exclusive for SVC as it was only previously available on a MissOddKid mixtape which can be downloaded here. It's a wicked mix featuring Akira the Don, 80s electro and loads more MissOddKIdd.

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Ant said...

I saw Bravecaptain when they supported The Super Furry Animals the other year. I first heard 'I pledge resistance to the flag' then found the 'Distractions' CD. Which I believe is an available download. I highly recommend it.