Sunday, July 02, 2006

Total Devastation

Beaumont Hannant - Sc931

My ipod lobbed up this shuddering brute of the a tune on Friday evening and I was compelled to pick up my metaphorical tennis racket and smash it out into the ether to cause harm to your delicate ears.

‘Sc931’ is taken from Beaumont Hannant’s 1993 album ‘Basic Data Manipulation (Tastes and Textures Volume 2)’ released on GPR Records, home at that time to the Black Dog and Luke Slater. The album bridged the gap between hardcore techno and the Artificial Intelligence-era electronica. ‘Sc931’ was probably the hardest track on the album, opening with the sounds of a working factory before panning cymbals, frantic breakbeats and abrasive bleeps kick-in. The track all hinges around a bassline so heavy that it sends speaker stacks crumbling to the floor like skyscrapers during an earthquake. If there were a Richter scale for music, this would register a 9.4.

After a prolific 1994 in which he recorded two full-length albums for GPR he drifted off into rather pretentious collaborations with Lida Husik and remixing Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Autechre and Bj√∂rk. Dunno where he is now, he appears to have completely disappeared, though there is a My Space page up.

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