Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tonight with you...

Jimmy Radcliffe - Long After Tonight Is All Over
Irma Thomas - Long After Tonight Is All Over

Apologies for the break in transmission. SVC is back on track. don't touch that dial! Erm... quite...

Well then here's my plan.... catch a boat from the Arnolfini gallery in Bristol and take yourself off to the 'A Bond' Building, Smeaton Road, Cumberland Basin and go and see the Becks 2006 Futures exhibition and more importantly the winning entry by filmmaker Matt Stokes. You only have a matter of days to do this as it finishes on the 14th of May.

'Long After Tonight' (2005) is a 16mm film which documents a Northern Soul night staged in St Salvador's Church, Dundee. Back in the 70's, opposite to the church was legendary Northern Soul venue 'Sally's' and the film recreates an 'all-nighter' held there except this time the bodies flow throughout a vaulted sanctuary with luscious golden backdrop instead of youth club + talc. Very celebratory. The film is a truly beautiful and captivating anesthetic. Legs kick, skirts spin, sweat drips, a very thin pony-tail on a very muscular man whips and snakes while all along pushing the whole thing forward is a fantastic fiddle-driven take on the Bacharach and David song 'Long After Tonight Is All Over' hence the title of the piece 'Long After Tonight'.

La Dusty has done a version (which is pretty good), Jimmy Radcliffe's is probably the most popular (and a fitting end to many an 'all-nighter' held the length and breadth of Britain) but it's SVC Grand Dame Irma Thomas who once again steals the show. I just love anything this woman has sung. So enjoy these songs responsibly and perhaps go and buy yourself a copy of Straight from the Soul by Irma Thomas from Amazon. But if there is just one thing you do however, that's try and pop along to the 'A Bond' building and see 'Long After Tonight' by Matt Stokes.

Buy - Straight from the Soul by Irma Thomas from Amazon
Visit - Arnolfini
Visit - Becks Futures

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