Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fright Night

Bronnt Industries Kapital - Maggots In The Rice

It’s weird, I’d been planning to post this track all week and it actually follows on quite nicely from Mike’s post below. Well, when I say ‘quite nicely’, what I mean is that it continues the theme of music that sends a wicked shiver up your spine, or as somebody put it in the comments section, “…gives you the willies.”

Bronnt Industries Kapital aren’t an Eastern European car manufacturer. According to their press release, they are Max Webertron (from Düsseldorf techno pioneers Meine 909) and Klauss Wickermann, a German-born librarian from Guildford. Closer examination of the production credits on the CD reveals them to be Bristolian duo Guy Bartell and Nick Talbot, who also records as Gravenhurst for Warp Records. They released their debut album ‘Virtute et Industria’ last year on Static Caravan Records.

There’s a brilliant review of the album on the Australian electronic music website Cyclic Defrost magazine, that describes it thus; "Its hearty blend of discordant church organ shards, sustained synthesizer tones, theremin warblings and corroded electronic squawks erect images of dim, damp torture chambers, walls of dry blood, crumpled faces and the screams of people being gently lowered into a pool of green acid."

Featured track ‘Maggots in the Rice’ contains what appears to be a found sound recording of the ghosts of Victorian-era opera singers haunting the bricked-in basement of an old London theatre; a series of eerie, dismembered vocal shrieks set against a solemnly plucked guitar that evolves with a wind-up melody and percussion. This is genuinely disturbing music - horrortronica anyone?

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